Tips for staying fit when traveling

Whether for work or pleasure, traveling interrupts your  regularly scheduled exercise, making it is easy to fall out of the habit. Here are a few tips to on staying active when you’re away from home.

  • Do you research, what exercise opportunities will be available during your trip?
  • Pack your gym shoes and exercise clothes
  • Schedule exercise on your calendar, just like you do at home
  • Go for a swim- look for a hotel pool, or take a dip in the ocean
  • Spend some time in the hotel gym
  • See the city! Run, walk, hike or bike
  • Body weight exercises are effective and easy to do in any setting – try this 7 minute workout  right in your hotel room
  • Book your stay with one of these Fitness Friendly Hotel Chains
  • Plan active vacations (hiking, walking on the beach, swimming, skiing, site seeing, museum walking)
  • If traveling with family, friends, or co-workers, find a workout buddy

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